Dont Make a Fuss

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Nelly Windsocks Blog

Dont make a fuss

When I am gone, don’t make a shrine,
better of raising a glass of wine.
I never liked a fuss anyhow,
so don’t bother now.

Just a plot,
i dont want a lot.
The basics, just a wooden box,
maybe larger than a matchbox.

Bun fight, that sort of thing,
people expect it, cakes butties and a chicken wing.
Mustn’t go overboard really,
need to save the pennies for me husband, who I love dearly.

He’ll be next though mark my words,
but he’ll only get two thirds.
As long as its enough to dig the hole and put us under that tree,
cant go wrong with buy one get one free.

Helen George copyright  mar2021