Nelly in flight mode

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Nelly Windsocks Blog

Nelly in flight mode

She’d never been abroad before,
no further than her own back door.
But her friends wanted her to escape,
for a girly trip to another landscape.

It would most likely be Spain,
as its fairly quick, there and back again,
Nelly is petrified to fly,
convinced the plane will fall out of the sky.

All booked though and ready for the flight,
got Nelly in an isle seat, so windows out of sight.
Dont want any added stimulants
that would cause certain incidents.

When shes nervous her sphincter loosens,
this would pose a flight risk and be an utter nuisance.
However measures were in place to keep her calm,
as long as nobody says the word, bomb.

To be fair we got her quite drunk,
and so in to slumber she sunk.
However, there was an escape of air,
so we all said the lords prayer.

Helen George
Copyright july 2020