Nellys blind date

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Nelly Windsocks Blog

Nellys blind date

Nellys going out for dinner,
hoping for a big portion to fill her.
She hadn’t been to this posh place before,
going on a blind date, hoping to score.

The menu was a la cart
Nelly was nervous trying not to fart.
but this was quite an upmarket
and her buttocks she would have to brace.

She couldn’t see anything that would fill her belly
not even a plate full blackcurrant jelly.
he ordered ordered a steak,
her wind was giving her belly ache.

There was no conversation no sound,
her wind now his direction bound,
Nelly wished there was an ejection seat,
he just sat there, playing with his meat.

Not the place to behave like that
she should have just had a take out,
no more blind dates
and now her wind safely escapes.

Helen George