A Dog called Farty

by | Mar 13, 2021 | Nelly Windsocks Blog

A dog called Farty

Why would you give a dog such a name,
although appropriate, given the embarrassment and shame.
I’d never seen a dog with such a demeanor,
as witnessed  by the window cleaner.

Whilst sipping tea next door in their, posh Chinaware,
the dog was entertaining, but oh, the glassware.
And at first it seemed hilarious,
but now it was becoming more precarious.

We thought it was just a game to be fair,
as he floated down the stairs,  in mid air,
All this, whilst we were in the neighbours house for a cuppa,
I wont bother going round for another.

What makes a dog descend down the stairs at such speed,
then pummel itself into the Harris tweed.
I think with reflection this was no ordinary behaviour,
and the backdraft had a very disturbing flavour.

Flatulence, I suspect fueled this dogs trick,
one fart, and up like a pogo stick.
And so, that was where he got his name,
still, it’s an accident waiting to happen, near a naked flame.

Helen George  copyright 2021