Nellys blanket

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Nelly Windsocks Blog

Nellys blanket

Nellys house is like a cuddly blanket,
It draws you in like a magnet.
Every room you go in gives you a different kind of cosy,
so it would be rude not to have a nosy.

Every wall tells a story,
even the lavatory.
Which is first on the right,
In case last nights curry is no longer air tight.

The bedroom which is Nellys boudoir,
and her drawers, alongside the bottles of pinot noir.
Slippers waiting patiently for Nellys feet,
To look any further would be, indiscreet.

The lounge is a life story wall by wall,
it’s like an gallery, or a posh hall.
A funny room full of art,
dont stay too long though, she might fart.

The kitchen is her vintage place,
where she loves to dine, in any case.
Nellys in love with her own cafee
meeting daily with herself for an afternoon soiree.

Nellys home is her protective bubble,
where she retreats when there’s trouble.
So the only way she’ll take leave to go,
will be in a box with her pinot noir, and her dildo.

Helen George copyright 2021