HD blog my self harm

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Nelly Windsocks Blog

Theres an understanding without the need for words
and a good friend would know.

A life changing situation or event, can cripple all of your emotions, my advise would be dont think of the enormity of it all in one sitting.

My coping mechanisms have been easier to put in place later in life, whereas in earlier years they were more destructive and harmful, so from that prospective its harder to deal with your serious emotional issues when you are younger, and have no support from family and friends or mental health services.

Sadly my experience was with no support, and thats an isolating feeling, that you dont belong, and you are under constant scrutiny and criticism from those around you, especially my mother, i always wanted to please both my parents, but mum was so much harder to please, and it detroyed me inside, that i was perhaps a disappointment to her.  i just want to add that in later years, we put all of this behind us, a couple years before she died, so yes there were many unhappy years and upset, but as i will propbably tell you in another blog, you can put things to bed, forgive, forget, after all none of us are perfect…

I first used self harm as a coping mechanism at age 13,  i needed reassurance and support and love, and with a very victorian style childhood, i had none of these, and i would consider that they are vital to your development at that age.