My Daddys Blog

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Nelly Windsocks Blog

My Daddy

My very tall shy daddy, who teased me for hours keeping my teddy bears up high above his head and at 6 foot 4  I obviously couldn’t reach them lol, I used to get upset, then he would feel sorry for me and let me have them back.   I could always talk to him about anything when I was younger, he would give me sensible practical advice that was easily understood at a young age.  He didnt do complicated he liked things calm and restful, he did get anxious and retreated into himself, and in later years his own company with his computers etc. Whilst mum did her own thing, they were happy in their own bubble oblivious probably of life and their local town.

When my daddy fixed his car, I was always first to volunteer, and my brother didn’t particularly like dirt oil, and car engines lol, I was such a tomboy but enjoyed helping dad and taking an interest in his hobbies as I knew that was important to him.

I would say I was a Daddies girl without hesitation, if I was in trouble I would always have gone to dad, although I loved mum dearly she wasn’t as approachable.

I think due to the Huntington’s disease my daddy suffered from more mental health issues than he could cope with, I was told that he struggled when he was younger to cope with pressures of life etc, and I think he lived in his brothers shadow which wont have helped.

He witnessed his mother have a stroke when she was only 52 which must have been horrendous for him.